Institute of Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Solid Waste Management, Department of Multiscale Environmental Process Engineering

Development of resilient infrastructural concepts
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• • Ecological and economic solutions in environmental process engineering on a molecular and macroscopic level

Integration of scientific principles in an innovative and sustainable engineering practice

The Department of Multiscale Environmental Process Engineering deals with the research of methods, the development of processes and the implementation of technologies to solve environmentally relevant challenges. In doing so, we cover the laboratory scale, the pilot scale and the industrial scale in the entire technology development process.

The multidisciplinarity of our department enables us to conduct research in the fields of resource efficiency, climate change and the energy transition in close cooperation with the other departments of ISWA. Topics such as the connection between precipitation intensity and flooding or water shortages, the energy optimization of water supply and wastewater treatment plants, resource management and recycling, bioeconomic issues and emissions of greenhouse gases are particularly important to us.

Dr.-Ing. Glykeria Duelli-Varela

Waste and wastewater streams are alternative and, above all, sustainable sources of recyclables. Technical and infrastructural innovations are the key to integrating recyclable materials into the circular economy and reducing the effects of climate change.

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