Computional Mechanics

Computational mechanics

Computer-based simulations in engineering

With computational mechanics, faculty 2 has established a focus in fundamental sciences with a strong international orientation. Four professorships and two junior professorships from three institutes are currently involved in this area. Most of them are also an integral part of the Stuttgart Center for simulation science at the University of Stuttgart.

This area deals with mechanical problems in engineering and treats them from a comprehensive perspective: in numerical modelling, with the aid of application-oriented computer simulations and through experimental verification. In this focus the development of robust and efficient numerical simulation methods in continuum mechanics, material theory, structural analysis and building dynamics are in the foreground. Current multi-scale models and homogenization methods, multi-field theories and multiphysics concepts as well as mathematical optimization methods are used.

Special features: Our comprehensive competence in the fields of material mechanics, structural mechanics, environmental mechanics and biomechanics

Study programmes with a focus on computational mechanics
Institutes and departments with a focus on computational mechanics

Other research focuses of the faculty:
Structural engineering, Transport systems, Water and environment


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