Your way to qualify for a teaching career at the Faculty 2: Civil and environmental engineering

Are you interested in a habilitation at our faculty? - We are pleased about this and provide you here with information about the process and the formal boundary conditions under the habilitation regulations [DE] of the University of Stuttgart of 2006. The faculty's explanatory note [DE] describes the process and explains any committee memberships, rights and obligations arising from the habilitation, as well as the boundary conditions for an unscheduled professorship.

The application for a habilitation is dealt with by the Habilitation Committee of the faculty, which meets only when the occasion arises. As a rule, however, meetings take place on the same day as the doctoral committee (one meeting each in January, April, May, June, October, November, December). Please submit your documents to the faculty office at least two weeks before the meeting.


Min Zhang

M. A.

Faculty office manager

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