Transport systems

Integrative planning and modelling of intermodal systems

The spectrum represented in teaching and research in the technical focus transport systems with four professorships ranges from regional planning to traffic planning, process control and traffic engineering to traffic route construction. In addition to traffic and civil engineering issues, the focus is on economic and business management as well as organisational tasks.

The faculty's three transport science institutes have particular expertise in the areas of integrated planning (spatial planning, transport and environment), transport modelling (demand modelling, route selection modelling), evaluation procedures (infrastructure investments, performance studies), traffic telematics (computer-aided operations control systems, traffic situation recording), road construction technology (aquaplaning models, quiet asphalt) and substance evaluation.

Special features: Integrative competence in the field of planning and modelling of intermodal systems.


Study programs with a focus on transport systems

Institutes and departmens with a focus on transport systems

Other research focuses of the faculty:
Computational mechanics, Structural engineering, Water and environment

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