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Faculty 2 introduces itself

Civil and environmental engineering
[Photo: Faculty 2, PE]

With their mission statement "Green engineering design", the faculty and its 14 institutes pursue the goal of developing suitable solutions for the social, technical and ecological challenges of our time and the future and thus to do justice to a sustainably planned and shaped future. This includes the optimisation of the technical and ecological infrastructure as well as the sustainability of materials and buildings, questions of supply and disposal and the improvement of transport systems.

In teaching and research, we concentrate on four specialist areas:

Computional mechanics

Computional mechanics focuses on the development and improvement of methods of computer-based simulation for integrative tasks in material, structural, environmental and biomechanics in research and teaching.

Structural engineering

Structural engineering analyses the behaviour of buildings and materials as well as their quality of use, manufacture and sustainability - from the design of load-bearing structures to architectural design. This area is closely interlinked with the Faculty 1: Architecture and Urban Planning of the University of Stuttgart.

Transport systems

The development of modern transport systems includes traffic and construction issues as well as economic and business management tasks. The focus is on the planning and modelling of intermodal systems.

Fluss mit Geschiebe und Kiesbänken

Water and environment

The focus water and environment deals with methods and technologies for maintaining the quality of water as a natural resource. To this end, models are developed that map processes in the overall hydraulic and hydrological system and are used for resource-conserving environmental design.

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