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Prof. of the Faculty leads research project on air purification and aerosols

of the state on air purification technologies against Sars-CoV2

Preventing the spread of the corona virus indoors via aerosols and thus reducing incidence figures is the focus of a research project funded by the state's Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts with around 1.6 million euros. Led by Prof. Gunnar Grün of the Faculty's Institute for Acoustics and Building Physics (IABP), researchers from IABP, IGTE (Institute of Building Energetics, Thermotechnology and Energy Storage) and IGVP (Institute of Interfacial Process Engineering and Plasma Technology) at the University of Stuttgart, as well as KIT, Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences and Tübingen University Hospital, are working together on an interdisciplinary basis to develop test aerosols and methods for efficacy studies of air purification technologies against Sars-CoV-2.

"Air purification is an additional technical lever to significantly reduce the risk of indoor contagion," says coordinator Prof. Gunnar Grün, an expert in indoor climate. It cannot replace AHA rules or ventilation, but it can provide additional protection. The aim of the research project is therefore to define the prerequisites for the effectiveness of air purifiers and the test standards for the technologies used.

The investigations in the seven subprojects focus, on the one hand, on the development, behavior and dispersion of test aerosols comparable to the corona virus. On the other hand, it is about the characteristics and technology of air purification devices, the role of spatial conditions such as installation site or room size and finally the definition of a procedure for the standardized examination of air purifiers", Prof. Gunnar Grün specifies the complex project.

The research project is an initiative of the state government's Aerosols Expert Group, which deals with the airborne infection pathways of Sars-CoV-2.

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Prof. Gunnar Grün, Institute for Acoustics and Building Physics, Pfaffenwaldring 7, +49 711 685-61673,
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