Award winner Sofia Engelmeier with certificate and bouquet of flowers

April 24, 2021 / Ramona Häckl+kur

ITVA Award presented to IWS bachelor student

Sofia Engelmeier receives 1st prize of the ITVA for her bachelor thesis
[Picture: VEGAS]

Ms. Sofia Engelmeier received the 1st prize of the Ingenieurtechnischer Verband Altlastenmanagement und Flächenrecycling e.V..  (ITVA) (Engineering Association for Contaminated Site Management and Land Recycling) in the category Bachelor Thesis 2020 for her bachelor thesis "Entwicklung eines Bestimmungsverfahrens zur summarischen Erfassung von Organofluorverbindungen" (Development of a determination method for the summary detection of organofluorine compounds), which was written at the Research Facililty for Subsurface Remediation (VEGAS) of the Institute for Modelling Hydraulic and Environmental Systems (IWS) of the faculty.

Unfortunately, due to the Corona situation, the award ceremony could not take place as usual during the annual ITVA Legacy Symposium. Instead, the certificate was presented in a small circle on March 9, 2021 by the head of the ITVA Technical Committee H1 "Technologies and Processes", Dr. Hans-Peter Koschitzky.

Congratulations to Ms. Engelmeier for this great achievement. (Translated with (free version))

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