Lisa-Marie Krauß, M. Sc., Gender Equality Officer of the Faculty 2

New: Faculty's Gender Equality Officer and Diversity Officer

August 1, 2023 /

L.-M. Krauß und A. Weiß
[Picture: Lisa-Marie Krauß]

Since there was only one candidate for each duty, the election management decided not to vote. The new Gender Equality Officer of Faculty 2 is Lisa-Marie Krauß, M. Sc., from the Institute of Structural Mechanics (IBB). The new Diversity Officer of Faculty 2 is Anne Weiß, M. A., M. Sc., from the Institute for Modelling Hydraulic and Environmental Systems (IWS). Their terms of office run from October 1st, 2023 to September 30th, 2026.

A. Weiß, Diversity Officer
A. Weiß, Diversity Officer

Announcement of the election results [DE]


Lisa-Marie Krauß, M. Sc., Institute for Structural Mechanics, Pfaffenwaldring 7, Room 1.002, 70569 Stuttgart, +49 711 685-66119,

Anne Weiß, M. A., M. Sc., Master study program WAREM, Pfaffenwaldring 7, Room  0.001, 70569 Stuttgart, +49 711 685-66116,

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