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H. Schweickhardt receives Study Prize Structural Mechanics

2019 of the Freundeskreis Stuttgarter Statik e.V. (Friends of Structural Mechanics in Stuttgart)
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The study prize, which has been awarded since 2017, is a very important element in the work of the Freundeskreis Stuttgarter Statik e.V. and fits well into the series of existing prizes at the Faculty 2: Civil and Environmental Engineering. It is awarded to a graduate of the Master's programme in Civil Engineering at the University of Stuttgart with outstanding academic success and an excellent final thesis with scientific merit in the field of structural mechanics. The prizewinner is selected by the general meeting of the Freundeskreis.

The winner of the Study Award 2019 of the "Freundeskreis Stuttgarter Statik" is Mrs. Helen Schweickhardt, M. Sc.

Mrs. Schweickhardt studied civil engineering at the University of Stuttgart. During her bachelor's studies she was at the University of Calgary/CANADA for one semester and then completed her master's degree in November 2019 with very good results. She wrote her final thesis with the title: "The Schönbuch Tower - Modelling, Prestressing and Dynamics" (Der Schönbuchturm – Modellbildung, Vorspannung und Dynamik) at the Institute for Structural Mechanics. The very good thesis dealt with the application of current questions from research and teaching in the field of modelling and simulation to a real structure. The successful combination of science and practice in this thesis is particularly noteworthy and was the decisive factor in the selection of the prize winner.

The Freundeskreis Stuttgarter Statik e.V. (Friends of Structural Mechanics in Stuttgart) is the sponsoring and alumni association of the faculty's Institute for Structural Mechanics (IBB). Members are former doctoral students of the institute, but also former students and Calgarians, i.e. participants in the DAAD exchange with the University of Calgary/CANADA. The aim is to promote research and teaching in the field of structural statics and structural dynamics as well as computer-oriented mechanics. For this purpose, the Freundeskreis organizes excursions and lectures from professional practice and supports theses or research stays abroad. A special concern is to emphasize and support the work of students, doctoral candidates or persons who have earned special merits in the field of structural statics or computer-oriented mechanics by awarding prizes.

Dr.-Ing. Malte von Scheven, Institut for Structural Mechanics, Pfaffenwaldring 7, D-70569 Stuttgart, +49 711 685-66121
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