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Call for proposals UNA TERRA program of the University

Call for proposals for small projects that can be implemented quickly

"Una Terra" - the sister format of the university's internal funding Terra Incognita is about bringing to life dormant potential and ideas in the context of sustainability. Novel formats, research approaches, ideas for science communication, events, prototypes, everything is possible if it contributes to sustainable development. "Una Terra" is designed to enable university members at all career levels to come up with short-term ideas that can be implemented quickly and contribute to one of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Ideally, disciplines will combine to implement inter- or transdisciplinary ideas.

Prerequisite for application

Project with reference to at least one of the 17 goals for sustainable development of the UN, preferably also with reference to the sustainability of the University of Stuttgart itself. At the latest at the end of the project, an element with university-wide impact should be presented at a Green Office event (lecture, video, demonstrator, slam, action, etc.).

Target group

Individual researchers, research groups of all career levels, students together with supervisor from doctoral level, non-academic employees and administrative staff cooperating with an academic staff member.


The funding period is from August or September 2021 to December 2021 (4 months). A cost-neutral extension is definitely not possible. The funding amount can be up to 15,000 euros. Approved funds may not leave the University of Stuttgart. A prerequisite for funding is that you have your main focus of activity at the University of Stuttgart. The funds can be used for personnel, material and event costs incurred. Investment costs and overhead are not provided for.

Application and selection procedure

The procedure provides for a short written application and a short application video. Written application (max 1-2 pages) with the following information, this may be formulated creatively, however the formal framework should be adhered to:

  • Title
  • Name 5 hashtags that describe your project
  • Name the goal(s) you are contributing to
  • Say something about yourself
  • Describe your idea briefly and crisply
  • Present us with your timeline and budget.
Application Video:

Length: 2 to 3-minute video 
The video is about convincing the selection committee of your idea. Use the following script as a guide:

  1. briefly introduce yourself
  2. pitch your idea
  3. explain which goal(s) your project contributes to
  4. give a brief indication of the use of funds and the duration of the project
  5. end as you like.

Technical specifications: Feel free to film with your smartphone. Format best .mp4 (if that can be set).
Keep strictly to the time limit of 2-3 minutes.
Please film in landscape format - no portrait shots
If you are filming yourself: please put the phone / camera down, use a tripod at best. Please do not hold the device in your hand - otherwise the picture will be shaky.
When recording sound, please make sure that you do not hold the microphone closed
Choose an appropriate background
Transfer the film to us via F*EX

Applications will be reviewed by the Climate Round Table, and the final decision on funding will be made by the Rectorate.

Important: All documents must be sent to Nicole Bach, Dezernat Forschung by May 31.

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Nicole Bach, Division 1 – Research and Transfer
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